Saturday, March 14, 2009


Welcome to the weekend, everyone!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Friday, and is gearing up for the gorgeous weekend. The sun is peeking around the corner of the window (get it? Peek-a-boo? Yeah. Dorky. I know. Sorry. *sheepish grin, shuffle*), and it looks to be a fantastical day (minus the St. Patrick's Day revelers, which make things a bit dicey here in Chi-town). I'm going to train later today, after I'm done with some meetings in the morning, but wanted to post and say howdy-do before heading out. Idgy The Cat says hello, as you can see, and hopes that soon mommy gives back the trainer that she "borrowed" (ahem...) from SJV. (It's super quiet, but makes a sufficient amount of noise that she has to move her napping location -- which, for the Idgster, is less than optimal.) SJV is going to his swim class (he's SUPER fast now!) this morning, and I'm going to try to talk him into waiting to run with me later. We'll have to dodge any puke (from the revelers) but I do have some St. Patrick's Day shamrock bobbley-ear-thingys that I can wear to be Festive during our run. Might be cute...
So, I hope all of you get a chance to get out and enjoy the sunshine. It's been a long hibernation, hasn't it? I don't know about you, but this Belly has gotten a bit bigger over the winter season...
Sunnily yours,

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Idgy the Cat

Idgy the Cat