Tuesday, March 17, 2009


So, I got my hair cut the other day (it's spring, and I felt like getting a few inches taken off just to ... well ... lighten things up a bit). I went back to work the next day, and one of my co-workers noticed right away (always nice) -- but then she said "oh! you got highlights, too!"

Ummmm, no.
That is actually gray hair. *sigh* But, I've been going gray since 16 (no lie), and -- as my coworker pointed out -- my gray is actually quite pretty, and can be easily mistaken for highlights.

So I quickly moved on, and then spent some time this weekend shuffling through some photos of me from seven years ago to send to some former co-workers. They wanted some photos from around the time I worked for them, and I was pleasantly surprised when I started sifting through those old photos (well, perhaps it's better said that I was pleasantly surprised with the comparison between me now and me then). I'm certainly in better shape now than I was then (I was fairly unhealthy then -- I certainly didn't eat enough).

So, just for kicks, here's belly in 2001:

Have a bright and sunny day, everyone!

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