Monday, July 13, 2009

A Perfect Weekend

Well, folks, we're back. Back from beautiful St. Joe, with the waitresses that say hello with a smile and a howdy-do-attitude a mere thirty seconds after you sit down at their table (as compared to The City, where SJV and I waited for 15 minutes yesterday -- hungry as can be -- whilst every server in the house passed us by. It might have been because we had gone on a 56 mile bike ride, had driven the two hours home, and had not yet showered. We were a smelly, ugly mess, which is why we requested outdoor seating. We understand you have standards. But even if you can't stand to smell us, at least explain why you're ignoring us, won't you? Rude.); back from beautiful St. Joe with multiple ice cream parlors and two-pound carmel apples; back from beautiful St. Joe with the summer sunlight that lasts until 9:30 at night.... Ahhhh. It's like heaven.

And so, as you can see from above, I did indeed survive the 56 (well, actually 54.7 - more about the loss of the 1.3 miles later) mile bike ride with no incident, and actually fared far better than I could have hoped. SJV has been saying for a few weeks that I'm pretty good on the hills, and that showed yesterday, when I somewhat unintentionally dropped a few ladies I was riding with on the hills -- which is a huge Confidence Boost with Steelhead mere weeks away (how did time speed up like that??). After my ride, which I completed in something around 3:10, I did a fast 5 miles (fast for me) in about 45 minutes. Super time, and I felt ... amazing. My legs didn't feel like rubber, my stomach was fine, head was fine -- I felt fresh as can be. Let's hope that notwithstanding a good dress rehearsal we also have a good show...

I don't have enough time to do the weekend justice - I only have time for a quick post. There are too many funny things, interesting things, and points to ponder. But I did want everyone to know that both SJV and I survived, and had a wonderful, perfect weekend.

Hope you enjoyed yours.
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Jennifer Harrison said...

Hey Michelle! I saw your blog link on FB. I hope you guys had a nice weekend! :) Happy training!

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