Thursday, July 2, 2009

Photos from the weekend...

Once again, SJV captured a lot of this weekend in some gorgeous photos -- so I thought I'd share with y'all.

Here's the promised photo of the beginning of my awful back spasm. Note the ridiculous hair, which is sortof a boufont. Nice look...

From later on in the day, after I had warmed myself up a bit:

Please note the white bandage creeping out from under my shirt: a Thermacare wrap that I re-tooled to go around my neck. I looked like I was wearing a Miss America sash or something. Funny.
Our room was overlooking the lake -- gorgeous -- and there was a wedding on Saturday at the hotel. The entire bridal party was immediately below our room, so SJV snapped a few photos. The flower girls seemed to get a kick out of us watching the events. Very cute wedding -- well done, b

We don't often get to see full sunsets from the city. So we really appreciated the sunsets from our view in the room:

So here are a few photos that are meant to capture how windy it was. Perhaps you can see it -- a gust of wind was basically throwing the water off to the side of the fountain. Kids were playing in the "sprinkler" effect. It looked like fun (but they ended up getting seriously, and unexpectedly, doused by one significant gust, and got a little water in their eyes, I think).

Here's our congratulatory "Good Job On The Race, Sugar" smooch:

And, at last, my personal favorite, which cracks me up every time I look at it. SJV's expression is ... in a word ... HILARIOUS. I have never seen him with this expression, and we've started calling this photo The Photo Of Dieter. (Doesn't he look like someone who would say "Ve moost daaaahnce now. Come, ve go to daaahnce!) But the photo does show off his eyes, which are, of course, gorgeous.

So there you have it, folks. The photos from the weekend. There are a few more that I'll share later in the week.

Today's the swim class that SJV and I have been part of for a few weeks. My swim time during last weekend's triathlon was a personal best -- and so was SJV's, so we were pretty happy, even though we don't feel like we can "own" our time, as it was just a big walk-fest for part of it. We're pretty sure that we're going to have to explain ourselves during tonight's class, but there really wasn't much you could do about it, save swim off course to go around people, which seems a little crazy.

I'm starting to get a bit jittery for the 1.2 mile swim that's part of Steelhead -- I'm sure that I can do it, but would probably do good with a few more distance swims in lake Michigan. The pool I practice in is TINY, so it's hard to get a real distance workout in without making yourself dizzy from turning so much. So I may lobby SJV to swim with me a bit this weekend if it's not too crazy on the lake, and if there's not too much floating garbage by the beach. (Yuck-o-rama.) Keep your fingers crossed for us...
Enjoy your day!

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