Thursday, October 16, 2008

One With The Couch

I have become One with my furniture. Specifically, my couch. I've been lounging in it so much over the past three days that it now has a perfect indentation showing where I lay back to watch t.v. -- it's always ready for me to fall back into it and snuggle down, pick up that clicker, tune in, and tune out.

It's a very buddhist feeling thing, really.

I suppose my zen-like-couch-state has been precipitated by my marathon recovery -- as this is my first marathon, I'm not 100% sure what my body is supposed to be doing at any given point. I've peppered dozens of other runners that have attempted the distance with questions over the years, and I've read dozens of articles and books about marathons and recovery, and all things related. But, at the end of the day, This Girl knows This Body better than any of those Experts do. And this body wants Couch. NOT a two mile run (my ITB would scream in protest, I'm sure) or lots of food, or some pool-time (that's for next week, we've decided), or Bikram (I've been dehydrated enough this week, thank you very much...). Couch, it tells me.

And so, Couch it is.

And tomorrow Sweet Johnny V and I take off for points south, to visit my sister and her family while SJV gives a talk/moderates a conference. I'll be in a spot where the weather is perfect for running, but I'll have to satisfy myself with a walk. Maybe a long walk on Saturday, to celebrate the 33rd year of Belly. That's right, folks! Saturday is the National-International Day of Belly. Mark it on your calendars, and make sure you do something fun that day.

Maybe some Couch...

Snoozingly yours,

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