Thursday, October 2, 2008


So, over the weekend, SJV and I enjoyed the Farm In The Zoo -- complete with piglets and baby chicks,

and a great veggie garden (I don't think they really need the tractor) with butternut squash, curly kale etc all growing out where folks that aren't from the country can see how they grow. Our favorites were the piglets -- they were all cuddled up over/under/around each other, and every time one of them moved, it caused a chain reaction of squirming, pushing, and nudging until they all got comfortable again. They were a month old, so they're still in the oh-my-gosh-how-cute-when-can-I-take-one-home stage. See?


Totally relaxing, wonderful day -- the garden that's right outside of the zoo is really gorgeous, and we walked through the conservatory on our way to the zoo to enjoy the flowers.

It was a great day, and when SJV sent me those photos, I just had to share. :)

In other news, I did get to run outside yesterday morning -- gorgeous crisp morning that it was. I was pretty excited -- got up early, got some coffee, threw on the shoes and i-pod, garmin in tow... By the time I was near the lakefront path, I was pumped to get going... I started up, and that darned familiar pull on the knee started right with me (well, maybe about a 1/2 mile behind, but close enough). So, slow and steady won out yesterday, and I logged about the slowest 4 mile run I've done in quite some time. Still, I never felt a ZWING or a serious pain, which I attribute to the stretching during Bikram the other night. So, that was positive, and I'm heading back to Bikram again this evening. And as many times as I can fit it in, to be honest.

Talk about an interesting forum: a bunch of folks with mats and beach towels in a room that's 105 and 50% humidity, sweating like crazy and bending all over the place. I have to say: I loved it. Well, once I really got into it, I loved it. So, this will be my new "hard core" activity for the next few months, to give my body some time to restore itself from the past season of hard-core-ishness. (Whilst allowing me to continue the eating pattern that I love without gaining a second Belly...) And maybe that heat will feel better once the weather cools even more...

"Warmest" regards -- literally,

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