Friday, September 26, 2008

Catching up...

So, about a week ago, Sweet Johnny V and I decided to play around on Facebook and look for folks from highschool. He saw a friend of his, and wanted to shoot him a message to tease him; I had created a quick profile for searching purposes... Well, creating that profile meant that I got tagged by some folks from highschool, and then more, and then I started looking for folks, and it snowballed... And now, a week later, I've heard from and seen photos of folks that I've not heard from or seen in more than ten years.

Crazy. *head shake, sigh*

It really is -- seeing photos of kids, pets, husbands and wives -- trips and achievements and accomplishments that in some cases don't surprise me -- and definately do in others. And they've been generally surprised about my triathlons (I think) and general path in life (which, as I said in my initial post and which I'll describe at some point, has changed significantly in the last six months...) In any event, it's taken a lot of my time this week -- which, with marathon taper, isn't such a bad thing. (Not that I ever really ran all of the weekly runs that I was supposed to -- but now that I'm not swimming and cycling as much, I have a little more guilt -- and fear -- about that...). I have slightly more time on my hands, but I've certainly filled it. (When don't I?)

So, marathon taper -- let me just tell you how nice that is. Just to know that there's only one more (massively) long run - the 26.2 miler, and that then my Season Has Ended. And, of course, I've already started mapping out next year's tri season, and my winter training schedule... A girl has to be prepared, you know...

I'm signing off to get back on Facebook, to try to respond to messages and such... Hope you all have a most fantastic day!

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