Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Icing On The Cake...

What a great weekend! Sweet Johnny V's birthday was Monday (Happy Birthday sugar!), and all weekend was devoted to celebrating ... and relaxing. Much (MUCH) rain fell here in Chicago, so we didn't get to do all of the things that we wanted to. Still... we were able to make this:

Such a very fun activity! And super tasty -- bottom layer is dark chocolate, and top layer is milk chocolate, and chocolate frosting... choco-goodness. Mmmm. So the weekend was great, and, like I said -- very relaxing. NO schlepping bikes, and shoes, and no crazy long rides for John, or crazy long runs for me. Just snuggles on the couch watching good ole' fashioned t.v. What Bliss! (And, for the record, I think it will be about two more weeks before I start jonesing for a race, and looking around to find something to train for ... that's not a marathon.)

This coming weekend's a different story, with me going off on a 20 mile run (ITB band permitting, of course) and John's thinking of doing a long ride while I'm on said run. I'm (strangely) looking forward to the intensity of the run, and the fact that marathon training is almost over. So, I'll be heading out to meet the group on Saturday morning, and I think I'll start out with them. It'll be good to hang out -- it's been a while since I've been able to hang with them... Although I did run into a group of folks from the group (hey Bob!) on the running path on Saturday, when it was raining cats and dogs... Super fantastic to see them, and to log a few miles while catching up. More on that in the next post (hopefully) when I extoll the virtues of running in warm rain. (I can't extoll ANY virtues of running in cold rain, which I've done before. And which seriously sucks. Warm rain, though, feels like you're out playing. And that's a pretty cool feeling, really.)
So, I'm off to work. Happy trails, and happy training...

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